The Sound of Freedom

[Editor’s Note: The following review of the movie The Sound of Freedom is my perspective on it. If it happens to coincide with yours then please feel free to comment and/or share the url to this article with your friends and family. It appears the road to freedom is still long and winding.]

Last night my wife and I attended a showing of The Sound of Freedom at the Carib Theatre in Quesnel, B.C. Saw many local citizens there. By the time the movie started the theatre was close to full and I would guess there were about 200 people in attendance. That may seem small but the Carib theatre is a very old building and has never been expanded. Originally the owner had scheduled the movie for only two days beginning on the 12th but he now is running it for another few days plus having matinee showings on Saturday and Sunday.

Having read much of the negative criticism aimed at it beforehand on social media, including here on Twitter, I wanted to see it and get a sense of how it would affect me given my own experiences throughout the past 76 years walking through this valley of tears we call life on Earth.

The one thing that I also kept in mind was Mel Gibson’s involvement in the promotion of movie. Knowing Mel’s past and having viewed some of his movies over the years, including the classic Braveheart, I assured myself beforehand that the invective aimed at the movie might be based more on ignorance of Mel’s intentions than anything else.

The movie was intense from beginning to end. The emotive quality of it was professional to the nth degree and that, I believe, was the primary purpose of it. The acting, from the children to the adults, was superlative. Every tear drop that fell tore at one’s heartstrings. It was a 2 hour process of marinating the heart and it ended with text messages on the screen stating, among other things, that the United States of America was the epicentre of child trafficking with 1,500,000 children going missing every year. It also stated that there were more children today in captivity and slavery than at any other time in recorded history including the period of black slavery in the USA.

The message of the movie was blunt and clear. No solutions were proffered. The stone was turned over and the people were given the Truth. Now that we know it’s now up to us what we’ll do about it. To turn a blind eye is to be complicit.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the New World Order conspiracy. The Sound of Freedom revealed one of the foundational stones comprising the infrastructure of tyranny; one the world can no longer avoid facing. Seeing what was written upon it in blood and tears the fate of the world now rests in the hands of the freedom fighters who will take up the Sword of Truth and resist to the end and vanquish the perverse power of the evil now before us.


The West is waging a war against the human genetic code, says top Russian diplomat

Posted by QCS Editor

Russia’s wake up call to the West and the West’s creating of a Zombie Apocalypse. It was a thought-provoking statement by Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation who stated that Western countries are waging a war against all religions – but also against the genetic code of all human civilizations.

In an analysis for the Russian journal Russia in Global Affairs, Minister Sergei Lavrov underlines the excessive tendency of Western countries to substitute international law with variable and subjective rules according to the supposed interests of these countries.

The international statesman does not bother with the Woke language that the NATO West wants to impose by intimidation. He goes straight for the jugular of Washington, Brussels and Covid cultists as he puts his finger on the bottom of the problem by asserting that there is an offensive underway against the foundations of all the religions of the world. He adds that there is a blatant conspiracy against the genetic code of the main civilizations of the planet.

This declaration does not emanate from a conspirator but from the acting Head of Diplomacy of the Russian Federation. Sergei Lavrov is one of the most influential statesmen in the world. His country is the largest country in the world. Russia is a nation with an area of 17,125,191 square km (11.5% of the total land area of the planet), a population of 148 million and is an impressive thermonuclear firepower.

Russia will never be forgiven for this kind of prophetic analysis which the NWO propaganda agents relentlessly fight to imposes on all humanity by all possible means at all possible levels.

What is absurd is all religious leaders and representatives of almost all faiths remain completely silent if not outright subject to the universal propaganda that some are content to repeat like parrots by adapting it to the narrative and the local religious format. Tellingly, it is as if they were all either compromised or bought or reduced to silence.

The war against religions, especially and crucially Christianity is well documented. More importantly – we are barely beginning to perceive the ongoing war against human genetic chromosomes, against all ethics and nature, which started a few decades ago under supposedly ‘progressive’ pretexts but which ultimately aim no less for the destruction of nations and of man as an intelligent being.

The European Union and the US deep state have declared themselves the rainbow-coloured flag-bearers of this new crusade aimed at cancelling common sense before totally banishing it and degrading the human species by attempting to impose new forms of human procreation, by mass liquidating nine-month-old foetuses for profit, blurring the gender code, waging constant wars, controlling media and journalists, and even altering their DNA if the bought and otherwise compromised scientific community permits.

It is a plan aimed at the definitive and irreversible enslavement of the human species, reduced to a stage of a sub-domestic animal and having only one goal: to consume and to be silent.

By attacking the human genetic code, was Lavrov alluding to the malevolent manipulation of COVID-19 and the great circus underway since March 2020? Certainly.

This is part of the ongoing, all-out Hybrid War offensive against humanity or what’s left of it by the social media and the msm in their efforts to level down, transform and degrade human relations.

Is the future being designed for only degenerates and thus contradicting the theory of evolution? A bastardized, confused, rootless, apathetic, spineless, sub human species beholding to some sort of virtual god created by the giants of self interest and usury to consume endlessly the products of big pharmaceutical companies so as to alleviate the effects of endless autoimmune diseases which will undoubtedly be a permanent future nightmare?

We are not there yet but Sergei Lavrov, just like his country Russia, will undoubtedly be sanctioned for having dared to show such rationality and common sense. 

Hopefully, all of the Evil Empire’s efforts don’t one day end up creating a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion because the people have become so mesmerized that they’ll believe anything as long as they still think they’re privileged when in reality they’re now subject to the yoke of slavery.