Rise Up Quesnel Open House on Nov 14th, 2021

Tami Viktil, Admin for the popular Facebook 

Group Rise Up Quesnel announces:

“Yay! We collected enough to hold this again. Thank you to those that were able to contribute monetarily. I am grateful to be part of this group of intelligent, encouraging, loving and of course very humorous individuals…we hope that many more will be continually added to help, support and encourage one another through these pressing times.”






Arthur Topham – Reporter


Quesnel, BC] – The last straw in the BC NDP’s ongoing attempts at locking down and controlling the citizens of British Columbia may just have broken the backs of countless citizens and small business owners across the province who are finally beginning to see through all the government and media propaganda and smoke and mirrors and realizing that the pending ultimatum regarding forced jabs of experimental, untested poison vaccines is not the way to deal with this massive global scamdemic. 

Thanks to the courage, insight and initiative of a group of local concerned citizens in the Quesnel area a private members group on Facebook known as “QUESNEL AGAINST HEALTH PASS” was formed and its membership is expanding faster than the Lone Ranger’s proverbial “speeding bullet”.

Informed minds and creative thinking and collaboration with an older group known as RISE UP QUESNEL which was formed back in March of 2021 in response to the then World Wide Rally For Freedom that took place on March 21st has resulted in a very proactive group of conscientious resisters to all the Covid madness that’s been disrupting the lives and safety of people everywhere.  

One of the more recent events was a Rally to protest the NDP’s impending vaccine passport mandate held on Saturday, August 28th at the old Footbridge across the Fraser River where the Waterwheel is located across from the historic Hudson’s Bay Trading Post store. The turn-out was great even though the weather was not the best but rain these days, after months of sweltering heat and smoke from the wildfires, is practically a pleasurable event in itself. The following photo montage will give viewers a good idea of event and the messages that the citizens are sending out to the passing public and to the government and mainstream media.

Rain or shine Quesnel will be out on the street informing citizens of their rights and freedoms.

People of all ages were in attendance and declaring their God-given rights.

“Teach your children well” is a lesson that the 1960’s coined in music and it’s a maxim that’s still very relevant today.

Without freedom of choice the people are nothing but pawns in the games that corrupt governments and orgs like the World Heath Organization (WHO) play with the global community. This MUST end and end soon.

Tami Viktil founder of RISE UP QUESNEL is a dedicated trooper in the battle to retain our rights and freedoms and her booth and information is always available for interested citizens looking for truthful answers to many of the concerns people now feel about the experimental jabs and the masks filled with toxic graphene oxide.

The gathering also is a great way of getting petitions signed once interested parties can see what the issues are.

The messages are clear. The people must stand in solidarity against all these draconian, Orwellian mandates being heaped upon the citizenry without any input from those who are being impacted the most by these totalitarian measures.

Now that the MSM (mainstream media) has revealed itself to be nothing more than the mouthpiece for the likes of Gates and Fauci and the WHO and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and corrupt, subservient governments around the world maybe you’d “druther” enjoy reading one of the more popular hardcopy newspapers being sold across Canada.

There doesn’t appear to be any shortage of imaginative people when it comes to getting the messages across to the still slumbering masses who’ve been programmed all their lives by the endless, repetitive propaganda that emanates forth from the boob tube and radio and newspapers on a daily basis. A fleet of trucks like this one would certainly go a long way to draw attention to the issues of the day.  

This foot soldier for freedom is ready to pass along information to any passer by be they mobile or walking. Behind her the sign says, “SUPPORT OUR NURSES”. 

Gatherings like this also make great places for meeting new folks who share the same ideals and principles and it looks from this photo that there’s also the element of humour, an essential ingredient in any campaign to make the world a better place to live in.

This sign, “VACCINE MANDATES = MEDICAL TYRANNY” is an extremely important message for the general public to consider given the great rupture within society today between those who have taken the jab believing they could trust their health officials and government and those who have done their own research into these lethal injections that are literally killing thousands upon thousands of innocent people around the world. 


It’s hoped that events such as these will grow in numbers and strength not only here in Quesnel but around the province and across the nation. It’s only when the people stand up in large numbers and demand that the tyranny stops that the politicians begin to take notice. God grant that this process will finally convince the “leaders” to come to their senses and start listening to those who elected them to be leaders rather than following the dictates of foreign entities who are more interested in maximizing their profits than in caring for the people and the Earth. 


Rise Up British Columbia & STOP the Horganized Crime Syndicate!

Rise Up British Columbia & STOP the Horganized Crime Syndicate!


Arthur Topham, Reporter, The Cariboo Sentinel


Revelation 17:5

Events around the world since the beginning of 2020 are showing people in the most graphic ways that it’s well past time for average citizens of Canada to wake up and smell the coffee. The lunatics running the government asylums around the globe are becoming more and more brazen in their efforts to poison and kill millions of innocent children, women and men with their demonic, experimental fake ‘vaccines’.

Here in British Columbia the “Horganized” Crime Syndicate aka the NDP party, is right on board with the rest of the psychopaths in their deceptive, lying, fraudulent, Satanic, hypocritical bullshit line about how the “unvaccinated” are becoming a threat to all the rest of the innocent fools who were so gullible as to actually believe that if they just took the jab once they’d all be healthy and happy as clam.

The latest pronouncements by Premier Horgan’s Whore of Babylon aka Bonnie ‘the Brutal’ Henry that the people of the province are going to have to get stabbed at least twice (for starters) with these lethal toxic substances in order to go out to their favourite restaurant for a coffee or a meal is so fucking ludicrous and mental that it makes BC’s government nothing more than a mockery of what the late Tommy Douglas worked so hard to establish throughout the first half of the 20th Century.

These sick, demented traitors to B.C. and to Canada ALL deserve to be rounded up and placed in quarantine somewhere on a deserted island off the west coast where they can forage for themselves and relearn how to become decent moral human being once again.

When I think of how Horgan’s Whore Henry murdered my late Aunt Flo with the mandated Moderna poison only one month ago it makes me all the more determined to STAND UP AND RESIST THESE DEVILS IN DISGUISE!!!

In her statements to the media on Monday, August 23, 2021 Henry unabashedly proclaims to the people of B.C. that the new “B.C. vaccine cards” will be implemented on Sept. 13th, 2021 and the commie NDP government “will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for anyone who wants to attend a concert, sporting event, movie, restaurant, nightclub, casino or fitness class.”

But of course that won’t be enough assurance that they kill off their quota of British Columbians and so she adds to it that “Initially, eligible British Columbians will require proof of one dose of vaccine. By Oct. 24, two doses will be required. The cards will be required for a wide range of non-essential recreational and social activities.” Of course the asshole Premier Horgan has to chime in with another stupid statement that “”Getting vaccinated is the way forward through this pandemic.” Then the 3rd of the these 3 Stooges, Health Minister Adrian Dix, starts yapping off about “increasing case and hospitalization numbers, B.C.” and like a typical viper his forked tongue reneges on the government’s earlier promise to move on to the next step in its COVID-19 restart plan which was supposed to begin on Sept. 7th.

The full list of rules covered by these Commissars of Collusion includes:

  • indoor ticketed sporting events
  • indoor concerts
  • indoor theatre/dance/symphony events
  • restaurants (indoor and patio dining)
  • night clubs
  • casinos
  • movie theatres
  • fitness centres/gyms (excluding youth recreational sport)
  • businesses offering indoor high-intensity group exercise activities
  • organized indoor events (e.g., weddings, parties, conferences, meetings, workshops)
  • discretionary organized indoor group recreational classes and activities
  • student housing on college and university campuses

Now all of these draconian dictates are designed for more than one purpose but crucial to their heinous scheming is their conspiracy to create “the fall guy” who just happens to be (surprise, surprise) you and me i.e., the “unvaccinated people” who Whore Henry goes on to emphatically state “currently account for about 90 per cent of COVID-19 cases in B.C., and 93 per cent of hospitalizations. The risk of infection is about 10 times higher for people who aren’t vaccinated.” Let me make this perfectly clear. THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN AN OUTRIGHT BULLSHIT LIE! Just one of many that these silver-tongued devils keep preaching to the masses via their controlled media.

Everywhere in cities across the country people are banding together in unified groups and taking their messages to the streets and here in Quesnel, BC it’s no different. RISE UP QUESNEL, formed back in March of 2021, has been working tirelessly to draw the attention of the public to the growing crisis that’s happening everywhere throughout the West and down under in Australia.

One member of RISE UP QUESNEL, Tamara Morneau posed the question well on social media recently when she stated:

Please join us on these dates in support of Medical Freedom. This mandate is tyrannical and is an overreach of Government authority, they have NO AUTHORITY OVER OUR BODIES! Come out & support our government employees as well as those in the private sector that will be impacted by this mandate.

When the nurses, bank tellers, CN workers and so on get fired, is that when it’s going to be enough? No one should lose their livelihood because they choose not to be vaccinated. I guess when staffing shortages happen, maybe then you’ll stand up. This has nothing to do with sides, it has everything to do with choice. No one should be exiled from society if they choose not to be vaccinated either. Whether you got it or not, it’s time to support those who are under siege.

Whether you choose to vaccinate or not the meaning of freedom should be the same…TRUE FREEDOM EQUATES TO BODILY AUTONOMY AND WE WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS!!

Bring your signs!

As the above poster states, “WE ARE THE RESISTANCE”. The people themselves have to get up and stand up and take back the reins that the governments around the globe are using to steer us on a course not bound for glory by any stretch of the imagination. We’re hell-bound on the Satanic Express when elected political parties suddenly turn against their constituents and lose all semblance of common sense, integrity and justice in their vain attempts to satisfy their own lust for power by doing the bidding of foreign agents and international communist organizations like the UN and WHO that definitely don’t have the best interests of the PEOPLE at heart.

Whore Henry’s bullshit line to the people of B.C. regarding her poison dart that “It’s quick, it’s safe and it’s easy….” has to be the height of this preposterous, condescending, arrogant idiot’s dangerous and disgusting behaviour. Given all the real scientific data now available to the public these Gates manufactured kill shots will be the quick and easy way to an early grave for those taken in by the mass media’s mendacious, traitorous lies.

And where, might I ask, throughout all this horror show of stupidity and Machiavellian intrigue are our own local political leaders? Where is our Liberal MLA Coralee Oakes in these dire times of need? What has she done for the North Cariboo to “restore confidence and rebuild BC”? Where are we seeing Coralee challenging all these disastrous covert covid Orwellian measures that the Horganized Crime Syndicate keeps dumping on the people of North Cariboo? She wants to be re-elected yet she, like 99.99% of all the politicians in this godforsaken province, refuses to challenge the NWO narrative where Eugenics appears to be more important to her and her party than freedom and the right to refuse these deadly toxic fake vaccines now killing people indiscriminately across our nation?

And what about that other federal “leader” from Prince George the ‘Con’servative MP “Toad” Doherty for Cariboo-Prince George. You know, the guy who never responds to open letters written to him? Where the hell is his voice when it’s required? Yes, we known, lost in the echo chamber of endless bullshit that all the federal parties are spewing forth daily to the great unwashed.

And let’s not forget our own local Quesnel City Mayor and Council. What has Mayor Bob Simpson done to challenge the Horganized Crime Syndicate’s diabolical treatment of his city’s residents? Diddly squat. The only Councilman/person worthy of mention is Ron Paull (below the “nel” in photo) who has stood up with the people on various issues and has been harassed and bullied by the rest of these mealy-mouthed merchants of misery for doing so. Question the illegitimate authority of the 3 Stooges in that rock pile in Victoria? Heaven forbid! Condone the diaper-covered faces of the public? For sure. Condone the unnecessary lockdowns and loss of jobs and stress and misery caused by all this heinous activity everywhere? Definitely!

I could go on and on until the cows come home but I’ll conclude with one last remark concerning small businesses around the province. I was pleasantly surprised to find that on social media small businesses everywhere across the province are becoming increasingly proactive in joining together and telling this commie controlled NDP government that they WILL NOT COMPLY OR CONSENT TO BRUTAL BONNIE’S DICTATES ANY LONGER! This is a sure sign that the people are finally speaking out and rising up to resist the NWO agenda. God bless them all!


Quesnel’s Walk for Medical Freedom!

Please join us on these dates in support of Medical Freedom. This mandate is tyrannical and is an overreach of Government authority as they have NO AUTHORITY OVER OUR BODIES!

Come out and support our government employees as well as those in the private sector that will be impacted by this mandate.

Whether you choose to vaccinate or not the meaning of freedom should be the same…


Don’t forget to bring your signs!

~Tami Viktil, Coordinator for Rise Up Quesnel