An Indirect “Open Letter #2” to Cariboo-Prince George MP Todd Doherty


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Editor’s Note: The following Open Letter is being indirectly sent directly to MP Todd Doherty thus the style it assumes. Not expecting (again) to get a reply from “my” Member of Parliament I didn’t feel an urgent need to address him in the usual manner. Like most, if not all, politicians today, MP Doherty appears to be too important and busy to actually communicate with his constituents or even acknowledge their concerns and communications (or so it appears).


MP Todd Doherty

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Dear Friend Todd Doherty,

Well, I heard again today from my “Friend” Todd Doherty, MP for Cariboo-Prince George. That would be the same Todd Doherty, MP to whom I addressed in “Open Letter #1” back on February 15, 2021 and who I’ve been waiting to get a reply from ever since. 

I send MP Doherty my Open Letter in good faith assuming that I, being a “friend” of his, would at least get an acknowledgement back thanking me for taking the time to express my views on the important issues which he had included in his my letter.  

MP Doherty had a full-page of information in his February pamphlet focussing on the Covid Scamdemic which he referred to  as  “the biggest crisis we’ve faced in modern times.” In my reply I agreed with his assessment and also commented that it “could be the greatest attack upon human life, liberty and freedom that the world has ever experienced depending on the outcome which, alas, still remains a mystery”. The matter was most disconcerting for me and my family and so naturally I addressed the issue and past along to him my concerns and suggestions for addressing the problem.

In his latest pamphlet under the “A Message From You MP” MP Doherty, in his opening remarks to all his “Friends” states: 

“I hear every day from families across our region that getting back to normal is the top concern. Thousands of families are out of work, vulnerable members of our community still have no access to vaccines, and the mental health and resolve of our friends and neighbours continues to be tested by lockdowns and isolation.

My Conservative colleagues and I are focused on securing vaccines and planning for an economic recovery in all sectors and all parts of this country.”

The rest of MP Doherty’s large 10”x13” 4 Page pamphlet then focuses on Trudeau’s “Soft-On-Crime-Bill” aka Bill C-22 and the Liberals plans for Canadian’s firearms. As for the Conservative’s plan of action to deal with “the biggest crisis we’ve faced in modern times” there’s n’er another word in his propaganda sheet. 

My immediate reaction was to openly state, “where’s the BEEF Todd?” Is this all we can expect from the Conservative government is a couple of lines, much of which revolves around one of the most controversial subjects on most peoples’ minds these days – jabbing the population with needles full of experimental fake “vaccines” that aren’t even vaccines by definition yet the federal Liberals and Provincial governments are pushing them on the citizens of Canada as if they were the greatest panacea ever invented.

Your constituents, including myself, tell you that their greatest concern is getting back to “normal” and all you can offer them in return are two short paragraphs full of platitudes?

Where is your head at MP Todd Doherty? In Alberta the government is locking up Pastors and putting fences around their churches and boldly entering holy places to harass other Ministers of God. Everywhere provincial governments are hell-bent on further lockdowns. Restaurants are being shut down while government liquor stores and the big box Communist stores like Costco and Walmart reap fortunes selling all their cheap-shit products from China and elsewhere. Canadian citizens returning from outside the country are treated like common criminals and harassed and intimidated and locked down even further regardless of whether they’ve proved to be negative in testing. 

Concerned citizens are being handed $2,300 tickets by our Masonic RCMP force for simply organizing outdoor events in parks where people can gather to express their opinions and views – especially given that all the msm newspapers and the social media platforms are doing their damnedest to stop folks from attending Rallies and Protests so they can at least have one outlet to express their angst over all these draconian, Orwellian rules and regulations that have absolutely no basis in Reality. And meanwhile the mainstream media, whose owners are the same criminals who control the WHO and the major Internet platforms are pumping out propaganda on “vaccines” and bullshitting the public about the number of new cases of this flu bug; cases that are no more harmful than the ones from years gone by.

What is your government going to do about all these vital and immediate concerns “Friend” Doherty???!!! We want ANSWERS not cheap, empty platitudes from the mouths of politicians and evasion by your party and the Liberal government of all the actual, REAL problems that DEMAND IMMEDIATE ADDRESS AND RESOLUTION. 

There’s an old saying MP Doherty that rings as true today as it always has in the past, “Talks cheap mister. It takes money to buy whisky.” YOU, as the representative of the people of Cariboo-Prince George, need to STOP all the rhetoric and start dealing with the fundamental problem which stems from CORRUPTION within government, the mainstream media, the courts, the RCMP and the Health organizations, all of which are ganging up on the general populace in some sort of mad, capricious attempt to bully us all into getting jabbed with poisons and stealing from us all our hard-won rights and freedoms.

We the People expect and DEMAND more from you as our government representative. Cut to the chase and deal with this massive hoax that’s killing our economy, our elders and suiciding otherwise decent, law-abiding citizens and driving families into the poor house where they can only expect to remain on desolation row forever without hope.  

STOP the attacks upon Christians and their fundamental rights as stated in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Shut down the bars if you have to but DON’T TEMPT THE LORD THY GOD MP Doherty.

And when you’re done with all that MP Doherty let’s not forget to put a stop to the horrific abuse of our children by the Satanic child trafficking industry. Accomplish these immediate and present dangers to the people of Cariboo-Prince George and you’ll have enough “Friends” to last you a lifetime.   


Your “Friend”

Arthur Topham

A seriously pissed-off senior citizen.