More Damage: Pyromanic Canadian Government Adds Accelerants, Not Water, To Their Agenda 2030 Fires

“Sometimes takes a day to get an answer or for CSRD to figure out a plan. Medications: There have been challenges for the people stuck, yes stuck, in Magna Bay to Seymour Arm. Getting out of there, a non-evacuation zone, means coming to Ross Creek Store and waiting for three or four more cars who want to leave. Then they get an escort through to Squilax, to make sure they’re safe (and to make sure they don’t drop off any supplies to anyone in the evacuation zone). Anyway, medications – So, pick a pharmacy in Chase or Salmon Arm, call them to get the meds set up, tell them the CSRD is authorized to pic them up. Call the EOC at 250-833-3350 and tell them where they are and ask where they will be delivered. They will be delivered to Anglemont or Ross Creek Store.

Had a friend take videos of a trip to Anglemont so I could get a handle on how things are going in the Evacuation Order Zone. And things are looking better. That glorious rain last night cooled things down it seems. There are definitely hot spots, along the roads, in the trees (which you can see through very easily now). I did not see any live flames on that video. Ross Rathbone sent me some pics, and a location pin of some fire in a steep area of Onyx Creek and I sent it along to BC Wildfire who passed it on to their operations group. I don’t think it got acted on because they had 3 or 4 helicopters working on the Sorrento fire for most of the day.

It’s 5:30pm now and they’re still going at it.So, in talking to my community contacts, it seems things are settling down a bit. The 6 hours of rain we had last night sure helped lift spirits even if it didn’t do enough to the fire. Most activity has moved from stomping out fires to building fire guards. BCWS has been working with us in a few places but we know the fire in Sorrento is moving faster towards civilization than the fire in the NS is right now.

And speaking of civilization I haven’t gone into this in great detail but in a conversation, I just had with one of my fellow CSRD directors, she wasn’t aware of the level of lockdown that we are living under. So I’m wondering if my fantasy stories maybe didn’t quite get the message across.

From the #1 highway you are stopped and have to show a pass, or know the password, or the secret handshake. Then driving to Magna Bay you are stopped at the Scotch Creek bridge where you need the magic key. At Ross Creek you are stopped once more where you need to perform a leprechaun dance to get through. Coming back you need the same skills, except in the reverse order. Everyday day they change things. I heard a story where the guy had to do the leprechaun dance on his hands, but I think that’s just a rumour.

So all of this to make sure that a hot dog or full water bottle, or a jerry can of gas, or a generator, or water pump (hope we don’t have to fight any fires), doesn’t get dropped off in the big EZ (eviction zone).

Pretty simple, straight forward.It is astounding to me the number of people who have phoned, texted, emailed (although I have been very bad responding to the emails) with offers of help, or want to come help fight fires. You can’t imagine what it means to me/us the level of support.

And for those who are wondering whether I’ll ever get back to my fantasy story, well the few hours of sleep I am getting are devoted to various chapters in a Tolkienesque novelette that I’ll be working on once we get through this mess. I just don’t have the brain power to devote to it right now.